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The Anglican Diocese of Ballarat does not tolerate harassment or abuse in its Church Community


A Director of Professional Standards has been appointed to respond to all complaints of sexual, physical, spiritual or emotional abuse by clergy and Church workers who are or have been in a pastoral relationship with the complainant.

The first step in making a complaint is to call the recorded information line at any time on

1800 135 246

All information provided to this service is strictly confidential.

The person taking the message on this number will ask for your name and phone number or address so that they can pass it on to the Director of Professional Standards who will contact you as soon as possible after getting the message.


Episcopal Standards complaints may be made against the Bishop of a Diocese. This is different to a Professional Standards complaint, which deals with complaints of misconduct against Church workers.

The Director of Episcopal Standards responds to all complaints of misconduct including, but not limited to, sexual, physical, spiritual or emotional abuse by a Bishop. The Director is as independent as possible from the Diocese but is paid by the Diocese.

A complaint can be made by calling:

1800 997 747

and leaving a message for the Director of Episcopal Standards, or writing to:

Director of Episcopal Standards, PO Box 33144, Domain LP, Melbourne Vic 3004
Mark your envelope "confidential"

* We take all complaints of abuse very seriously.

* We will do all we can to lessen harm by providing the best care possible.

* We offer respect, pastoral care and on-going long-term support to anyone who makes a complaint.

* We also offer support to any bishop, priest or church member who is accused of abuse or harassment. The rights of the person accused of wrongdoing will be respected.

All clergy holding the Bishop's licence are required to be familiar with and agree to uphold: The Code of Good Practice for Clergy in the Anglican Diocese of Ballarat.

All clergy and lay people holding the Bishop's licence are required to be familiar with and agree to uphold: Faithfulness in Service - A national code for personal behaviour and the practice of pastoral ministry by clergy and church workers

The Bishop of Ballarat upholds the standards set out in: Episcopal Standards Act 2011, Episcopal Standards Regulations 2011, and Protocol, Power & Trust in the Church.


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