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"And God saw that it was Good"

A spiritual and practical exploration of the Christian perspective
on caring for Creation & Life on Earth

An Eco Spirituality Retreat in Budj Bim

- 23 to 27 October, 2017 -

Experience a truly Beautiful Place

Budj Bim is an internationally recognised indigenous cultural area in south-western Victoria, centred on Lake Condah and Budj Bim (Mount Eccles) and close to the nearby town of Heywood, the location of the Budj Bim Cultural Centre.

The area is renowned for its heritage of settlement by indigenous peoples, notably the Gunditjmara, over more than 30,000 years (and counting), the much more recent history of the Lake Condah Mission - a venture of the Victorian colonial government designed to integrate indigenous peoples into European (in particular English) culture - and, most recently, in 1987, the return of the area to the care of the Gunditjmara, including joint management with Parks Victoria of the Budj Bim/Mount Eccles National Park.

The area is probably best known for the powerful evidence around Lake Condah and on Darlot Creek of permanent settlement by indigenous peoples, which includes eel traps and stone foundations of former dwellings.

Join us

As we seek to explore our spiritual connection with Creation and to put
that spiritual awareness into the context of today's practical realities of caring
for and ministering to Creation.

There'll be plenty of time for:

• Reflection & Contemplation
• Awakening to Ecological Awareness
• Spiritual Nourishment
• Rest & RelaxationDetails

Details in Brief

DATE: Starting 6pm on Monday 23 October, 2017
and concluding at 11am on Friday 27 October, 2017.

LOCATION: Condah Estate Road, Lake Condah [15kms NE of Heywood township].

COST: $550 per person for the week:
Includes: accomodation (bunk room-style), all meals & refreshments, half day tour of Budj Bim reserve & all presentations.

** NEW - PER DAY: $75 or overnight $125.**

** NEW Program showing day trip program **

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Or if you would like to ask some questions please ring or email Retreat Co-Ordinator Hedley Thomson 

m. 0428 027 895

Presented by:

The Anglican Diocese of Ballarat
P.O. Box 89, Ballarat. 3353
t. 03 5331 1183

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