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Anglicare Victoria each year present a formal report to the Synod of the Anglica Diocese of Ballarat. Below is the video presentation seen by all members of Synod and also the written report circulated with the Synod papers.


Anglicare Victoria video presentation to the third session of the Thirty-first Synod of the Diocese of Ballarat



Anglicare Victoria report to the third session of the Thirty-first Synod of the Diocese of Ballarat

What have we being doing across the Diocese?

Apollo Bay
Local Residents Day

Western Vic HAS Winners youth engagement program- An extensive program of excursions and camps to encourage young people to continue with education and training, and develop a life-long love of learning.

Ballarat Grammar
2 students are on the Anglicare Victoria Steering Committee and activities include
Canning of the Chapel
Anglicare Blankets and Coat appeal
Anglicare Socks and Toiletries appeal
Anglicare Christmas Cards
Anglicare Art Auction
Anglicare Cook book
Grandparent's day donation
Anglicare Calendar
Anglicare's Altitude Shift + Tough Mudder
Anglicare Award

Ballarat Region Parishes (Central Highlands)
Ballarat Community Breakfast 5 mornings
Ballarat Emergency Relief 4 mornings
Christmas Day Dinner for the homeless and lonely
Mid-Winter Dinner for the homeless
Christmas Toy and Food hamper program
Winter Hamper program
Barkly Campus Breakfast Program Wed morning
Ballarat Secondary College Link Up program Weekly
( breakfast and/or lunch)
Sebastopol Emergency Relief and Drop in Centre Friday morning
Creswick Emergency Relief monthly
Creswick Christmas Hampers
Refugee week service and speakers
Anglicare Volunteer Commissioning service
St Johns Soldiers Hill Op Shop Support for ER
Free internet Café Monday and Tuesdays
Practice Job interviews monthly

2 Brick Clubs
Community Garden being planned

Casserole Bank for Cancer patients

Forest Op Shop

Western Vic HAS Winners

Western Vic HAS Winners

Secondary School Breakfast -Fridays

Emergency Relief 5 mornings and 1 afternoon
Christmas food and toy hampers
Drop In Centre 5 mornings
Get Out for Good program
3 Brick Clubs
Gofer Club
Murray to Moyne Anglicare sponsored and organized team
Local Anglicare Victoria Committee

Diocesan wide
Commissioning services Ballarat and Warrnambool
Refugee Week Activities Ballarat
Art Auction Warrnambool
Cook book
Anglicare Christmas Cards
Anti- Poverty Week activities
Anglicare Concerts -Foray Quintet and Ballarat High School.

Bishops Appeal

The first Annual Bishop of Ballarat Appeal for the work of Anglicare was held this year between Easter and Pentecost. It was supported by all parishes, individuals and businesses across the Diocese. Thank you to everyone for supporting the appeal which has to date raised just over $30,000 towards much needed work in the Diocese. Our target next year is to get to over $40,000.

Western Vic HAS Winners

The program has been extended into Horsham and Stawell this year. The response from the schools and broader community as expected, has been very positive. Equally the response from charitable trusts has also been quite outstanding. To date the following trusts have contributed to the project -The Jack Brockhoff Foundation, Harry Dicker Fund, Matana Foundation, Aussie Farmers foundation, Newsboy Foundation, Community Services Trust, The R E Ross Trust, The Kimberley Foundation.

Programs being delivered this year have included 16 visits to institutions such as The Australian National Academy of Music, The MCG, The Victorian College of the Arts, and also trips to the Grampians and Maria Island Tasmania.

Recognition for the success of the program and the concepts being used has resulted in David Law being asked to run pilot prams in Bendigo, Western Melbourne and with indigenous youth in Horsham.

South West Brick Club

The South West Brick Club has been operating in the South West region of Victoria since May 2013. It began with a Corangamite Branch operated by Fr Hayden McKellar and a dedicated group of volunteers. In January of 204, a Warrnambool branch of the social club concept also began operating on a monthly basis. This now runs two sessions catering to a regular number of children and families.An invitation by the Volunteer Co-ordinator of Lyndoch Living resulted in the Warrnambool Brick Club attending the facility twice a term in conjunction with the Merrivale Primary School to enjoy the universal and age defying fun of construction play.Word has spread and a request has come from an Adult Day Program operated by a local agency Southern Way to attend a regular Brick Club specifically for their adults. This has developed into a regularly quarterly event. WDEA Community, another disability day care program, also assist the Warrnambool Brick Club in helping to sort the bricks after the Warrnambool Primary School session that is held weekly during a lunch time.

Anglicare Awards

At the Anglicare Victoria Chairman's Awards held at the MCG on Wednesday 26 August 2015 the final award for the night the "Outstanding Volunteer Award" featured 5 nominations from the Diocese of Ballarat. Sue Henry for her work with the Drop In Centre and Christmas Store at Warrnambool, Josh Lloyd for his work with Western Vic HAS Winners, Val Synnes Emergency Relief Warrnambool, Eileen Coveney and Beth Rule for organizing the Ballarat Christmas Hamper Program and Norma Coffield and the team for the Ballarat Community breakfast all were presented with framed certificates for being was then a surprise when Norma and the team were awarded the State award. This is the first State award received in the Diocese.

By the numbers

Every parish is in some way sharing the responsibility for caring for those in need, with Anglicare Victoria.

During the last year 574 volunteers have contributed 20,317 hours of volunteering help to 11,008 people and had 22,616 contacts.

Staff and the Steering Committee

Jill Shaw Administration Coordinator retired this year after many years providing great support, pre-empting management needs and making every reasonable effort to ensure that things are well organized and properly. Jill now has the beach and grandchildren to think about. Pixie Turner has left Australia to travel overseas and do personal research into cafes, sightseeing and travel. We hope she come back one day to work with us again. Sam Jenkins has taken over Jill's job and is bringing new skills to the position and learning all the processes Jill had perfected. Louise, Kim and David continue to do great work in their respective areas. We are pleased to welcome Pauline back to work. Pauline has had a very tough year as she fights cancer and we should continue to pray for her and her family and the rest of the staff. To help us keep the doors open we have had great support from casual staff including Kate Schnerring, Gordon Forrest, Sam and Pixie.

Thankyou to all the members of the Steering Committee-: Chris Wells Chairperson, Bishop Garry , Robyn Shackell, Sarah -Jayne Holland, Kaye Hanks, Lynette Moore, Phoebe Nagle, Matthew Hall, Peter Thompson, Fr Constantine, Jill Shaw and Sam Jenkins. Welcome to Bill Wood who has joined the very supportive committee. Everyone on the committee works hard and provides as much input as they can.

Thankyou to those that serve on other local and regional Anglicare committees and to all Anglicare Volunteers without which all of the Anglicare work would not be possible.Thankyou to all those individuals, clubs, and businesses that donated time, materials and funding.

I would ask that you continue to pray for the work of Anglicare and that in partnership with all parishes we can "do justice, and love kindness, and to walk humbly together with God". Micah 6:8.

Geoff Ryan
Community Development Manager
Diocese of Ballarat
Phone No 03 5332 9788 + Mobile 0418628077


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