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Bible Reading Challenge

June 2018

In June I am inviting everyone in the Diocese to take up a Bible Challenge to read the GOSPEL OF THE DAY EVERY DAY.

I am writing a short paragraph to go with each day, and a couple of questions to ponder each week. You may do this Challenge on your own, with your spouse or as part of a group. Some clergy might even choose to base their sermons in June around the themes raised in my questions.

This initiative of the Ministry Deveopment Committee is designed to get people reading the Biblical text and pondering every day, the way in which God speaks to us from the Holy Scriptures.

+ Garry


Bible Reading Challenge Studies .pdf

Bible Reading Challenge Studies .doc



As part of the June Bible Reading Challenge we're also supplying those who don't have access to a Sunday Sermon a brief 'sermonette'. These are written by Fr Graham Reynolds and pick up the reading (& prayer point) from the Reading Challenge Booklet.

June 3

June 10

June 17

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