Water into Wine Mon 11th of Aug.

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Water into Wine
Baptism to Mission

The Ministry Development Committee has chosen this as our theme for the coming year, as we seek to empower people for ministry and mission. We hope that every parish will be challenged to think about the meaning of baptism and how they prepare families for baptism, then follow up those baptised, and that every parishioner will explore the meaning of their own baptism and its implication for the mission of the church here in the diocese of Ballarat. This new theme was launched on the Feast of Christ the King (November 24) with afternoon tea, prayers and a pilgrimage from the Anglicare centre, followed by a moving service in the Cathedral.

What can you do?

  • Think about your own baptism - how does it affect your life today? 

  • Look for opportunities to incorporate this theme into parish events 

  • Attend MDC and parish training events 

  • Organise training in your parish 

  • Volunteer to lead training events or discussion groups around this theme 

  • Support the MDC by prayer and with suggestions

  •  Encourage your parish to set mission targets
    Eg Support one new mission initiative during the coming year - this could be a new Anglicare or ABM project, or something in your local community 

  • Train one or more new pastoral visitors, lay readers or Eucharistic assistants for your parish

Learmonth Training Day
Saturday 8th November 2014 - 3.00pm

Timetable (.pdf copy)

10am Arrival & Cuppa

10.15am Welcome and Introduction to topic
+ Garry

10.35pm - 11.25am
Session 1 - Group Discussion/workshop

Topic one: Biblical image for Baptism
Facilitated by: Rev'd Dr Tim Gaden

Topic Two: Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion Sacraments of Initiation ... what are we initiated into?
Facilitated by: Bishop Garry

11.35am Eucharist
+ Garry & Fr. Ryan


1.15pm - 2.10pm
Session 1 - Group Discussion/workshop

Topic one: Why infant Baptism (why not wait until they can speak for themselves?) and 'The whys and wherefores' of Godparents.
Facilitated by: Fr. Gerald Loos

Topic two: Reading & prayer with a Baptismal icon.
Facilitated by: Fr. Graham Snell

Topic three: The Rite of Baptism - celebrating our new life in Christ. What do the symbols mean? Water, oils, white garments, paschal candle, etc.
Facilitated by: Rev'd Robin Elliott

2.15pm - 2.45pm
Q & A with the Bishop

Topic: Baptism to Mission - our response to the gift of Baptism & living out the implications of baptism in service, ministry and mission.

Anointing of each other's forehead with Holy Water

Final Blessing & Departure.


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