A Year of Living Our Faith and Witnessing to Christ’s Love

Theme Prayer

Ever-living God, we thank you for calling us out of darkness into your marvelous light. Shape us by your Holy Spirit that our lives may reflect the love of Jesus. Enable us to share Christ’s forgiving love, to be true to his way, as witnesses of his hope and joy. We ask this through Jesus Christ, who is our Lord, forever and ever. Amen.


Quiet Days

23 November

Quiet Day at the Abbey

Training Days

Colac – 17 August 2019


About our Theme

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Every baptised person is like the Apostles, sent by God to be a missionary disciple of God’s love and goodness. He or she is meant to play a part in spreading the Good News of God’s kingdom. This does not mean that we are called to be evangelists, but it does mean that we are called to be witnesses of Christ, crucified and risen.

We witness by what we say and do; in other words, by the lives we lead, both personally and corporately.

Peter asks us “to be ready at times to give the reason for the hope that is in us” (I Peter 3:15); and Paul admonishes us “to preach the Good News in season and out of season” (2 Timothy 4:2).

We give our witness by our loving concern for the people we live and work with, particularly for those who are poor, oppressed, and marginalised. We share God’s love with all: forgiving hurts, welcoming the excluded and sinners, as well as challenging unjust structures and caring for God’s creation.

But we also know that the work of sharing the Good News is done by God through His Holy Spirit who lives in us. We are only instruments in God’s hands. And so we call upon God through prayer as we set out on this task of living our faith and witnessing to Christ’s love to all.

It is our prayer that, enabled by the Holy Spirit and empowered by His presence, we shall renew our communities with the love of Jesus Christ, who gave His life for the redemption of all.

Please feel free to use these resources as you deem fit, and let us know about the activities and events your parish community will be undertaking in this Year of Living Our Faith and Witnessing to Christ’s Love.

God bless you!

From The Ministry Development Committee

Professional Standards 

1800 377 842 [1800 DPS VIC].

A Director of Professional Standards has been appointed to respond to all complaints of abuse by clergy and Church workers.

Episcopal Standards 

1800 997 747.

Episcopal Standards complaints may be made against the Bishop of a Diocese. This is different to a Professional Standards complaint.