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Welcome to the Bible Challenge for 2022

This year you’re invited to explore a whole book, the Acts of the Apostles.  Don’t be daunted.  We encourage you to read on so that you can acquire a sense of the whole story of the early church.

Each day there will readings, some questions and a prayer to guide you into a deeper understanding of this uniquely important book and to know yourself and God better.  There are perhaps two themes that you might like to consider as you spend time in the study.

  1. The directive to go “to the ends of the earth.”
  2. Living an abundant life with integrity.

Keywords to look for as you read are – believe, spirit, witness, word and save[1]

The book of Acts is the record of the early church.  We see the apostles moved by Holy Spirit and propelled into the world to witness[2].  The Kingdom of heaven is not promised just for the future but made available in the here and now[3].  Luke writes about the historical events with an attention to detail intuitive to his background as a physician and takes considerable pains to connect the historical events of Christ on earth with the contemporary experiences of the time.  His purpose is to bring assurance to God’s people, the faithful church, through the ages that we can be transformed in heart and mind through the power of Holy Spirit at work in us in our present day[4].  Luke indicates a direct relationship between the human acts of the apostles and the divine work of Holy Spirit as the continuing work of Jesus on the earth; the same work we are called to do [1 John 3:8].

Dr Kay Job

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