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Abundant Lives

The Ministry Development Committee is inviting people from across the diocese to contribute towards a collection we’re calling “Abundant Lives” – a book about Christian people that have inspired us on our own faith journeys.
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Stretch Sunday

This year, on Sunday August 7, join with us as we commemorate the 'Father of the Diocese of Ballarat' Theodore Carlos Benoni Stretch.
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Bible Reading Challenge 2022

Welcome to the Bible Challenge for 2022. This year you’re invited to explore a whole book, the Acts of the Apostles.
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Our Journey

This day will provide participants with the opportunity to explore what it means to live the abundant life that Jesus has promised us.
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Quiet Day Guide

The MDC have prepared a booklet for how to run a quiet day on the theme of 'Abundant Life'.
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MU Quiet Day Notes

Notes from the Mothers’ Union Quiet Day at the Benedictine Abbey, Camperdown. The theme for the day was prayer and praying.
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In This Section

Professional Standards 

1800 377 842 [1800 DPS VIC].

A Director of Professional Standards has been appointed to respond to all complaints of abuse by clergy and Church workers.

Episcopal Standards 

1800 997 747.

Episcopal Standards complaints may be made against the Bishop of a Diocese. This is different to a Professional Standards complaint.