City of Ballarat LGA - 15 September

The City of Ballarat (Ballarat Local Government Area) will go into a seven-day lockdown as from 11.59pm tonight. During this period the City of Ballarat will be subject to the same rules as the Melbourne Metropolitan Area except that there will be no curfew.

The lockdown affects these churches:

This means that it will not be possible to hold face to face services in the Anglican churches of the Cathedral, Buninyong Anglican Church, St Pauls Bakery Hill, Holy Trinity Sebastopol, St Matthews Wendouree, St Peters Ballarat, St John’s Soldiers Hill, and All Saints Learmonth.
Please follow the advice from the previous lockdown that we have just come out of:

  • Our church buildings are closed with no face to face services / gatherings until the restrictions are lifted. Study groups, Play Groups, Op Shops, and all Church meetings are also suspended until further notice.
  • A work permit is required to be completed for work or ministry activities that require us to leave home. There is only a narrow list of essential activities, which include: end of life visits to hospitals and homes, funerals, recording or streaming of church services and enabling or supporting work from home.
  • Recorded or streamed services are limited to the minimum number of people necessary to record or stream the service. If assistants for the service are necessary, then there cannot be more than five and each will need an authorised work permit. If multiple services are being produced during this lockdown, then assistants can only be from the same group of five people. (So, it will not be possible to rotate through a different group of people).
  • Weddings may only be conducted if one or both persons being married are at the end of life or will be deported from Australia unless the marriage takes place. Only 5 people can be involved: the two people being married, the celebrant and two witnesses.
  • Funerals (indoor and outdoor): Permitted with no more than 10 people (and those workers necessary to conduct the funeral). Children under 12 months old are not counted towards this cap

The lockdown does not affect these towns close to Ballarat:

The Lockdown does not affect the towns of Ballan, Bungaree, Creswick, Clunes and Newlyn as they are in different Local Government Areas.

** Please note that if your priest is from Ballarat he/she may not travel outside of Ballarat during the lockdown except for end of life ministry. 

The Registry will be closed

The Registry staff will be back to working remotely. The Registry phone number will be switched to message mode so if you need to contact someone urgently, please email or phone the Bishop or myself.

Points of clarification for the rest of the Diocese

For the rest of the Diocese churches can continue to worship under the same rules as was announced last week SEE BELOW, with the following provisos:

People from the City of Melbourne and Ballarat can attend a funeral in Regional Victoria, however the funeral arrangements must apply the Melbourne / Ballarat rules

Other parishes - 10 September 2021

  • Religious gatherings and ceremonies are allowed with no more than 20 *people per *venue AND those *necessary to conduct the service.
  • Places of worship are required to have a COVID Check-In Marshal monitoring patrons checking-in using the Service Victoria app.
  • You can have a wedding with up to 10 people at a venue. This limit includes the couple and two witnesses. The celebrant, and a photographer are in addition to the cap.
  • Funerals are allowed with up to 20 people (or 5 people if held at your home, provided all persons in attendance live in Regional Victoria). This limit doesn’t include infants under 12 months of age, or the people required to conduct the funeral.
  • Morning tea cannot be served after Mass.
  • Face masks must be worn. (even whilst singing)

* Definitions

People – number of attendants of all ages (that is, your 20 "people" includes children)

Necessary to conduct the service – no more than five and only those absolutely required, e.g. the Service Leader, the celebrant, an assistant, a musician, someone to film or stream the service. Anyone rostered and coming from the body of the congregation to read or lead intercessions is to be included in the 20-person cap.

Venue – refers to the church property inclusive of halls and other spaces. That is, you can only have one service at a time

Other Regulations

There are no restrictions on the reasons to leave home but staying COVIDSafe remains important.

  • Residents of regional Victoria must not travel to metropolitan Melbourne or Greater Shepparton, other than for permitted reasons.

These include:

  • for authorised work or permitted education to visit an intimate partner
  • for care and compassionate reasons, including permitted child minding
    to access necessary goods and services provided they are from the facility that is closest to where you live;
  • other limited reasons such as moving house
  • While in metropolitan Melbourne or Greater Shepparton for the above reasons, residents of Regional Victoria must comply with the metropolitan Melbourne and Greater Shepparton restrictions.
  • You cannot go to metropolitan Melbourne or Greater Shepparton to get a COVID-19 vaccination, even if you have a pre-existing booking.
  • There are no restrictions on travelling to other parts of Regional Victoria. If visiting an Alpine resort, you must have a COVID-19 test performed and receive a negative less than 72 hours before entering the resort.

Face masks are mandatory indoors and outdoors for people aged 12 and over and are highly recommended for primary school aged children. You do not need to wear a mask in your own home, or if a lawful exception applies.

If you have any symptoms, no matter how mild, you should get tested for COVID-19.
Businesses in regional Victoria must conduct a I.D check to ensure that patrons attending do not reside in metropolitan Melbourne or Greater Shepparton.

Social gatherings

  • Private gatherings in the home are not permitted.
  • You can see friends and family outdoors in a public place in a group of up to 10 people. A public place is an area accessible by members of the public like a park or the beach. It does not include your backyard or any outdoor areas at a private home.


Enquiries to:

The Registrar
Peter Jarvis
Mon, Tue & Thurs at the Bishop’s Registry (5331 1183)
Wed at home (4343 1405)
Email -

The Safe Church Officer
The Rev’d Glen Wesley
Mon-Wed at the Bishop’s Registry (5331 1183)
or 0429 146 566
Email -

General Synod Advice re Streaming & Copyright

CCLI live streaming licence

Each church that intends to conduct live streaming must have its own individual CCLI Church Copyright live streaming licence. This licence allows you to stream or podcast your live-recorded worship service music on your church’s website or other streaming services. Group licences are currently not available. Further details see

APBA copyright

Copyright for the use of material from A Prayer Book for Australia should be acknowledged during live streaming and a graphic added to end of any published videos.

Use of music during live streaming services

Those who are using contemporary songs will need to purchase a licence via CCLI as noted above. Those who are using traditional hymns played live rather than recordings should not require permission if the music is in the public domain, which much of it is.

Choral music will need to be in the public domain otherwise a license will be required. Parishes should seek the advice of their person who usually coordinates music in their parish in this regard.

Use of video during live streaming services

Showing film scenes, videos or clips will require specific licencing to prevent against any breaches of copyright.


Privacy law should also be considered in the case of live streaming. Ensuring that you have the permission of those who may appear in your live stream will minimise the risk of a privacy breach.