2020 – A Year to CHALLENGE violence, injustice & oppression, and WORK FOR peace and reconciliation

Saturday 29 February 2020
Training Day in Ararat

Mustard Seeds of Action and Hope

This workshop will encourage participants to think about ways others have lived out their faith and encourage us to do the same. It is based around our theme for this year: Challenge violence, injustice and oppression, and work for peace and reconciliation.

Download the flier from the resources folder below…

Our Diocesan Prayer for 2020

Jesus, living Word of God,
your promise of good news is timeless,
and you offer it to renew our world today:
you offer release for those imprisoned by sin, debt and poverty,
life for those who know only death and despair.
Provoke us by your Spirit,
so we no longer linger and delay,
quicken us with the vision of a world transformed,
challenge us to make hope, peace and justice real for all,
so that God’s kingdom may be celebrated in our time,
and poverty be turned to history. Amen.

[Adapted from the Church of England prayer for the Fourth Mark of Mission]


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