A Little Book of Saints

Stories to encourage you on your Lenten Journey

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Hebrews 12.1 reminds us that we are accompanied on our Christian journey by “… a great cloud of witnesses.” We do not know anything about the majority of those who make up this great cloud, but it is comforting to know that they have followed Jesus and experienced many similar things to us. But, as well as this great unknown cloud, each of us have been inspired by special people (or Saints of God) that we have met or do know about. Many of these are ordinary people, who would be shocked to be included in a book of saints – our teachers, our priests, our friends. Others are well known people of God, who lived heroic lives, sometimes dying for their faith, or creating great writing or other works of art. This Little Book of Saints has been put together by people from across the Diocese of Ballarat who have written about people who inspire them. We hope that these saints will encourage you on your Lenten journey.

Robyn Shackell
For the Ministry Development Committee
Diocese of Ballarat

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