Ministry Development

This year - 2021 - the Ministry Development Committee's focus in on the 5th Mark of Mission: Protect, care for and renew life on our planet.

Next year - 2022 - our focus will be on 'Abundance'.

You'll be able to find a range of resources here for our theme, as well as other ideas for your parish, throughout the year as they become available.

Advent Bible Studies

In all the excitement that leads us to Christmas why not set aside just a few minutes each day to explore the psalms and reflect.

Environment Day in the Otways

On Sunday 12th September, the Anglican Parish of the Otways dedicated their worship time to exploring our responsibilities in regard to the 5th Mark of Mission.

June Bible Reading Challenge

The Ministry Development Committee, commends to you the 2021 June Bible Reading Challenge.

The Wonder of Creation

This one day program aims to provide an opportunity to explore a local beauty spot/national park etc, and to reflect on the wonder of creation and our responsibility to care for it.

Residents’ Day

These events helped to strengthen the local community by helping locals to be more informed about their recreational options.

Come and Try Days

Come and try days help provide us with new recreational options and build stronger communities. They are easy to organize, welcoming to the community and help position the church as a valuable part of the community.

Reflection on the 5th Mark of Mission

This reflection is designed to be used either by individuals or in small groups. You will need to set aside about two hours, and find a quiet place. You will also need a Bible, a pen and paper and possibly the camera in your phone.