Our Diocesan theme for 2023 is the Communion Forest.

The Archbishop of Canterbury writes the following in relation to the Communion Forest:

“We are living at a time of multiple global crises, emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic and with climate change, conflict and an emerging food crisis. We need symbols and actions of hope. The Communion Forest is a symbol and act of hope”.

On a Diocesan and parish level, parishioners are encouraged to be involved in a wide range of creation care activities throughout the year. Tree giving and planting will take place to celebrate special occasions across the Diocese.

Parishes are encouraged to think about setting up plant and vegetable exchanges and to even organise monthly plant stalls.

Parishioners could meet for a walk in designated bushland, organise a speaker to share a gardening interest or have an Open Garden. Parishioners could also be involved in or initiate local community initiatives which relate to the environment.

It would be good to receive feedback on what individual parishes are organising throughout the year as we are nurtured by nature and God’s never-ending care for His people.



Bible Reading Challenge 2023

Welcome to the Bible Challenge for 2023. This year you’re invited to explore 2 Corinthians.