The Safe Church Program is being implemented while the legislations and rules that guide it a constantly evolving.  Due to its evolving nature, there will be constant development and change.

This page will list all changes to the program including"

  • Legislation, Policy and Protocols
  • Publications and Guidelines
  • Safe Church Program web portal
  • Online forms including the Clearance for Ministry application
  • Process changes to issuing clearances and licences
  • Safe Church Training
  • Program staff and volunteers

Change Log

  • Changes to DPS referal emails

    2021 09 14:
    Added hidden fields to CMA to facilitate referral emails to DPS.
    Bug fixes in DPS referral emails
    Changed: Clearance for Ministry application and Jotform Process
  • Request tool taken offline

    2021 09 07: Request tool taken offline due to SPF record issue.
    Changed: Safe Church Portal, Jotform Process and Online Tools
    Changed: Online Systems
  • DSCO contact form

    2021 09 08: Developed contact Jotform form for processing follow up.  Bug found with domain SPF record sending emails into junk mail.  Paused until SPF resolved.
    Changed: Online Systems
  • CMA Police check question

    2021 09 02: Added police check submitted question to the final matters of the CMA.   Yes passed through to a thank you page on submit.  No passes through to the police check page on submit.
    Changed: Clearance for Ministry application
  • Bug fixes and upgrades to CMA request tool

    2021 09 02: *Parish CMA request tool bug fix: changed recipients address to recipients address from test account
    *Upgraded the email layout
    *Tested the form
    Changed: Online Tools
  • CMA Portal Page change

    2021 09 01: Removed the option to complete a police check from the CMA process page.  Applicants must now move through the CMA form first before being automaticity redirected to the police check form by the Jotform "thank you" page.
    Changed: Safe Church Portal, Clearance for Ministry application and Online Tools
  • Parish membership question change

    2021 09 01: Changed "three year" question be be in the afirmative.  Adjusted the logic to match the new question.
    Changed: Clearance for Ministry application
  • CMA Form bug fixes

    2021 08 31: Fixed: fields still required when editing form
    Fixed: submission date field
    Fixed; Assistant field requirement
    Changed: Clearance for Ministry application
  • CMA Approval Process

    2021 08 30: Finalised V1 of the CMA Jotform approval flow
    Changed: Clearance for Ministry applications
  • Zoom Meeting Room

    2021 08 30: Added a Zoom Meeting Room page
    Changed: Safe Church Portal
  • Added portal links

    2021 08 30: Added main page links to
    -Guideline: Understanding and responding to family violence
    -Guideline: Reporting Abuse
    -Guideline: Ministry to Children
    -Safe Church Policy
    -Child Safe Policy
    -Faithfulness in Service code of conduct
    Changed: Safe Church Portal
  • Portal Layout

    2021 08 30: Corrected layout of portal main page for tablet use
    Changed: Safe Church Portal
  • Portal Layout

    2021 08 27: Updated the layout of the portal main page, member admin and parish admin pages
    Changed: Safe Church Portal
  • Instruction page added

    2021 08 27: Added Verifying ID for Police Checks instruction page to parish admin
    Changed: Safe Church Portal
  • Police check instructions updated

    2021 08 26: Added auto-generated lay licences to Jotform
    Changed: Jotform
  • Police check instructions updated

    2021 08 26: Updated and clarified instructions for submitting police checks
    Changed: Safe Church Portal
  • Layout update - Clearance for Ministry

    2021 08 26: Updated and clarified Clearance for Ministry process page.  Swapped police check and application order.
    Changed: Safe Church Portal
  • VIT Notification

    2021 08 30
    Added VIT notifcation option to form for teachers requiring a WWCC
    Clearance for Ministry application

  • CMA Request tool

    2021 08 25: Request tool for emailing parish members to submit a Clearance for Ministry added and promoted in dnews
    Changed: Safe Church Portal, Request tool