Intercessions Focus

On Sunday 12th September, the Anglican Parish of the Otways dedicated their worship time to exploring our responsibilities in regard to the 5th Mark of Mission. After considering the biblical mandate to care for the planet we explored ways we could make a difference. Different Parishioners shared practical ways to do our bit to protect, care and renew life on our planet. Everyone went home with a gift to help them implement some of the ideas shared.

Ideas shared included;

  • Consuming less, especially precious resources such as water.
  • Living with excellence – respecting our neighbours and the environment
  • Choose foods that come from low carbon sources, e.g. reduce processed foods, have a vege patch, etc.
  • Buying local – transport is 17% of Australia’s emissions so buy things produced locally.
  • Being organic – Chemical fertilisers and insecticides damage the environment and eco systems.
  • Buying things that are sustainably packaged
  • Using our vote to support environmentally responsible representatives.
  • Gold standard recycling practices.

Our time of intercession involved bringing forward symbols such as water, soil, plant, animals etc. as we reflected on each aspect of our planet and sort God’s guidance in how to better protect our planet.

Recycling Queens Teaching Us Gold Standard Recycling Habits


Recycling Station For Odd Bits And Pieces

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