Dear Friends,

Last year’s Bishop’s Bible Challenge in June touched many hearts across the Diocese. Over three hundred people responded to my challenge to read the daily Gospel set for the Eucharist, and then to read/pray with a short commentary provided. For some people it was a wholly individual activity, while for others, it meant coming together once a week to share responses to some questions – a regular group study. Still others spoke to each other by phone or online.

So here we go again.

This year’s studies have been written by 4 different writers who have taken a week each, so the perspectives are different, and hopefully very challenging. There are short commentaries for each day, something to think or pray about, a few short prayers, and suggestions for further discussion or reading. At the end of each week there are also some suggestions for further reflection or group discussion.

The Challenge is meant to be fun. Try to use this resource in a way that suits you. We are all different, and our approach to the Holy Scriptures will reflect our different personalities. So when we read together, our horizons are expanded and we sometimes see through other eyes, deep realities that escape our own notice.

May God bless your efforts in this year’s Bible Challenge.

Bishop of Ballarat
June 2019


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