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Welcome to the Bible Challenge for 2023

This year based on 2 Corinthians

“One reason why 2 Corinthians can be so engaging to read is that it is so very personal. As we listen in (as it were) to Paul’s side of the conversation, we learn how his faith dominated and directed every part of his life, including his interactions with his fellow-Christians in Corinth. He seeks to serve them in the best way he can by seeking reconciliation when they fall out with one another and with him. Almost all of what he says to the them, although it is prompted by particular things that those Corinthians said and did so long ago, is relevant to Christians today…

…When reading the passages throughout this month, it will be helpful to reflect on them with two complementary attitudes. One is to accept the fact that many things are mentioned, and sometimes discussed in detail, which are totally obscure to us now. The other is to use your imagination, to think of the kind of thing that may be being referred to—for example, perhaps somebody in a church meeting viciously criticised Paul in a very offensive and personal way—and to enter into it in spirit. How would I feel if that happened to me? What could I learn from it? How might I show love to the person who did this? What can I learn from Paul’s approach; and so on.”

[Excerpts from the introductory section written by the Rev’d Dr Mark Garner]

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