The Wonder of Creation
Exploring Ecospirituality

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This one day program aims to provide an opportunity to explore a local beauty spot/national park etc, and to reflect on the wonder of creation and our responsibility to care for it. Our diocese has been exploring the Five Marks of Mission. (

The fifth mark of mission invites us to protect, care for and renew life on our planet.   This is sometimes called “ecospirituality.”

This day can be a way for you and your parish to begin to think about these responsibilities.


Choose a suitable location.
Eg. Local park, walking track, creek, Landcare Site, beach, garden
(If appropriate involve your speaker in the choice of your location.  Think about how this location might influence later discussion and reflection. The choice of location  or speaker should not limit later discussion.)


Choose someone to give an introductory talk.
Eg Koori elder, Landcare co-ordinator, local naturalist, gardener


Day Requirements

  • Name tags
  • List of names, email addresses, mobile ph nos, parish etc
  • Clipboard, plain paper and pens, or butcher’s paper and textas
  • Copies of selected psalm/s
  • Participants to BYO lunch, drinks, folding chair if appropriate



10am Meet at site for shared cuppa

10.15am Opening Prayer

  • Provide a brief overview of the day with intended outcomes to guide people’s focus
  • Briefly discuss “How should we care for and protect our environment?”
  • How does this fit with this year’s diocesan  theme –
    protect, care for and renew life on our planet
  • Invite volunteers to keep notes of discussions.

10.30am Talk by local “expert”, followed by questions to speaker

11.30am Ask the group to identify issues/needs/current assistance from community/gaps etc
Discuss, what should I/our parish do in response to the issues raised12 noon    Short walk around site together followed by some silent reflection. (The speaker may lead this and point out features of interest if appropriate.)

12.30pm LUNCH

12.45pm Read a psalm together  then quiet reflection on psalm ( eg Ps 104, 136, 145)

1.15pm Individual time of exploring the site, and noticing God’s presence. Each person to bring back an object or picture (on phone) of something that has touched them

2.15pm    Sharing objects and pictures, followed by quiet prayer time, then shared prayers if wished

  • What next? For me? For our parish?
  • Discuss points that have been identified. Maybe select one or two to work on?  Make sure that the list is typed up and distributed and kept by the program leader for a possible future follow-up discussion.
  • What next? For me? For group? For parish?
  • What is needed in our local area?
    Or how do we find out what is needed in our area?
  • How do we do it?
  • What do we do to / How do we ensure that God is part of our actions?
  • How do we become do-ers, not just talk-ers? Small achievable things? Bigger things that might take a bit of work? Clergy-led or people-led?
  • Who else might be willing to help? Possible informal partnerships with other  people, churches or organisations? (ie organisations already doing ‘good works’ in local area may be grateful for more helpers?)
  • What is the next step – for me/ for our parish?
  • When will group meet again?

3.00pm Closing Prayer

Have questions? Want help?

Please contact:
The Ministry Development Committee
Chair: The Rev’d Robyn Shackell
0419 365 824


Professional Standards 

1800 377 842 [1800 DPS VIC].

A Director of Professional Standards has been appointed to respond to all complaints of abuse by clergy and Church workers.

Episcopal Standards 

1800 997 747.

Episcopal Standards complaints may be made against the Bishop of a Diocese. This is different to a Professional Standards complaint.