Appropriate screening is an important tool in ensuring the safety of everyone in our churches.  It is also required by both state and national church law.

The Clearance for Ministry application is a dynamic tool that changes depending on the ministries you are conducting.  That way, you don't need to be asked any more than you need to.

Who Needs a Clearance for Ministry?

All clergy

All laypersons involved in decision making around safety (parish councils, etc.)

All laypersons who are involved in child, liturgical or community-based ministries.

Step One:
Clearance Application Form

This takes you to the Clearance for Ministry application form

You will be redirected to undertake a police check at the end.

10-15 minutes

Step Two:
National Police Check

A National Police History Check must be obtained as part of your Clearance for Ministry application.

You will be redirected to this step at the end of your clearance application form.

10 minutes

Step Three:
Working with Children Card

Working with Children Cards are supplied by Working with Children Card Victoria and are required for all clergy and all laypersons conducting Group C: Liturgical, Pastoral and Community Ministries. During your Clearance for Ministry Application, if you require a card you would have been asked to provide proof.

Using the button below, you can apply, renew or update your card.  Note: The Diocese must be listed as the organisation you are volunteering or working for.  Not your parish.