Resources for Vocations Sunday
– July 7 2019 –

Put out into the deep! (Luke 5.4)


Dear friends,

Sunday 7th July has been set aside as a time for special prayer for vocations to the sacred ordained ministry of our church and to vowed religious life. Please take and use the material prepared (see link above) by the Vocations Team. Please also remember that God calls each one of us to serve him. Our most important task is to uncover and respond to that vocation.

Our Diocese currently has 8 people who have accepted Jesus’ invitation to ‘Come and See’ (cf. John 1:35-51) and have entered into a period of supervised formation for ministry, which includes: formal theological education, parish placements, psychological assessment, and attending a Vocation Discernment Conference (sometimes known as a Selection Conference). This process may take three to four years.

On this Vocations Sunday we ask you particularly to pray for them:  that as they progress in this personal knowledge of and encounter with Jesus Christ they may become more fully the people God has made them to be as well as commit their lives to his service, as lay or ordained ministers of his Church in our Diocese.

If you feel a sense of vocation to lay or ordained ministry, please contact Fr Constantine Osuchukwu on 0435 750 155 or at

With all good wishes

Yours sincerely,



Professional Standards 

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A Director of Professional Standards has been appointed to respond to all complaints of abuse by clergy and Church workers.

Episcopal Standards 

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Episcopal Standards complaints may be made against the Bishop of a Diocese. This is different to a Professional Standards complaint.